Good News from ATS

Good News from ATS


Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for getting on board with the ATS Cause. When we first started fundraising to build the "A Thousand Smiles" orphanage (A few years ago now), we started with a vision of putting a smile on a thousand faces. There is something just so special about helping kids like these - they have so little and yet when you give something simple you can light up their world.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of some things that have happened since the team went to visit last month. The photo above is of Renee, one of the founders of ATS, and Jennifer. Jennifer has a beautiful nature, the kind you warm to straight away. She is very much loved at ATS, but as you can see from the photo, her legs are quite deformed. The operation to fix them had been out of reach for A Thousand Smiles, but we are thrilled to say that some fundraising on Australian soil meant that Jennifer was able to have the operation! We can't wait for good news as to her recovery. 

While the team were visiting, they also met two boys - brothers Kent and Clent. Both so small, the brothers had painful boils all over them. Kent even had them inside his mouth. Julian McIvor, one of the volunteers, said it was quite heartbreaking to see. Having sons about the same age, Julian was moved by how little it would take to get the medicine needed here in Australia. The team passed the hat around and rustled up the money to get treatment. We are told that Kent and Clent are now getting their boils treated. 

We look forward to seeing these three beautiful children smiling big healthy smiles soon. Here at A Thousand Smiles, that's what makes us tick. 

We will keep you posted with the good news and with up-coming trips. If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to drop us a line. We do have a recruitment process to make sure our volunteers are prepared to help in the best way possible, but we also know that when you go to help these kids they have a way of impacting you. Volunteering for ATS is a truly life-changing experience. If you are interested, we'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share the article and spread the word.

Over and out!


For the ATS Team

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